Flood Watch 2009

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(photo courtesy of the Winnipeg Sun)

Scenes like this are creating some concern for many residents of Manitoba.  While the rivers are still snow and ice covered in sections, signs of flooding from spring time melt are beginning to make their mark on local communities such as East St Paul MB where flooding is occurring due to an ice jam in Lockport.  

In North Dakota and now in Southern Manitoba, residents are working hard to fill sand bags in hopes to save their homes and their communities.

The Provincial government is forecasting that the Red River will crest in the first week of April in Southern Manitoba and in the second week of April in Winnipeg.

 The Salvation Army is in daily communication with Municipal and Provincial leaders and has formalized a response plan for the citizens of Manitoba so that we can give Hope where and when it is needed. 

Our community response vehicles are at the ready and will move into place providing dry and warm clothing, meals, and shelter when the need arises and when called upon.  The Salvation Army will be ready willing and able to deploy at a moments notice 24/7/365. 

In fact, as of 8pm Wed March 25, one of our units is now in East St Paul assisting local residents.

For more information please contact our Winnipeg office at 204-975-1033.