Flood Watch 2009 – The Salvation Army Responds

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MB Emergency Response Vehicle

 As the waters began to overflow the banks of the Red River just north of Winnipeg last night and into this morning, The Salvation Army responded by sending out one of the emergency response vehicles into the communities of St Andrews and St Clement. 

Without hesitation the unit was dispatched, stopped on route to pick up some sub sandwiches, donuts and coffee and immediately began to serve the local residents who were filling sandbags.

With the news later in the morning that the ice jam was freeing up, residents soon breathed a sigh of relief (for the time being), as the water levels decreased suddenly.

The Salvation Army has decided to keep both Winnipeg based response vehicles on high alert so that they can respond at a moments notice. 

If and/or when need arises, more Salvation Army response vehicles can be in place throughout Manitoba very quickly.

Be sure to check back each day for updated flood watch news.  

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