Gifts of Hope Campaign

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Do you hear what I hear?

293 bleating goats, 104 oinking pigs, 9 mooing cows, 221 laughing children, 140 women reading, 312 children snoring (safely tucked under a mosquito net), 300 families gulping clean water, 82 rural clinics stocking shelves …

Noel Regney’s song, Do You Hear What I Hear, invites each of us to ‘pray for peace’ in the secure knowledge that the Christ Child brings goodness, light and perhaps even sounds of hope into a desperate world!

The 2008 Gifts of Hope campaign. As of December 31 the campaign raised $87, 903, almost double the amount raised in 2007. In addition to the list of items specifically purchased, $39,240 was unspecified, allocated to be used as most needed.

Gifts of Hope is a year round campaign! The possibility of raising $100,000 is within reach!

Thank you again for giving Gifts that are guaranteed to make a difference!