When Tough Times Come – The Salvation Army Is There

by Salvation Army
Categories: Prairie News

When Nicole came to The Salvation Army for help, she was out of a job and alone, with two children to support, ages 7 and 5 years old. She was just coming out of a family crisis.

With no income and none coming in for the near future, Nicole was desperately trying to pay rent, utilities and buy food and other necessities for herself and her children.

Nicole just needed immediate relief from the financial and emotional burden in order to be able to look for work and get back on her feet.

After interviewing Nicole, and verifying her circumstances, The Salvation Army was able to help her with her rent, help pay her past due utilities, and give her food and toiletries from The Salvation Army Food Pantry.

As a result of the assistance that Nicole and her children received, Nicole was able to look for and secure employment with a reputable local company within a month of receiving our services. She was able to keep herself and her children from becoming homeless.

One year later Nicole is with the same company and has many company benefits, such as health insurance and a savings plan. Nicole and her children are in a stable environment now and doing well.

In emergency situations like Nicole’s and many others The Salvation Army has helped many times over.