7leadership_graphicThe Salvation Army Ontario Great Lakes Division is blessed by the engagement of enormously gifted people committed to the continuing development of highly skilled, trained, motivated and dedicated personnel.   

It is our desire to satisfy the leadership needs of The Salvation Army at all levels and support the building of a culture of innovation, learning and risk-taking.





This Strategic Direction focuses on The Salvation Army’s human resources, involving Officers, staff and volunteers.  As a Christian faith-based and human services organization, one of the most fundamental strengths and requirements is a skilled, motivated, dedicated and aligned human resources team at all levels.  It is vitally important for The Salvation Army to ensure that it has the human resources systems, practices and initiatives in place to be able to fulfill its Mandate, Mission and commitments.

Key actions within this Strategic Direction involve the need to ensure an organizational culture of innovation, research, risk-taking and learning, as well as being community and service sector leaders.  Also, in regards to leaders, is the need to have leadership development capacities and programs in place that allow people to aspire to their capabilities and goals, and to be connected with and to deliver on the Mission of The Army.

Other key components involve effective human resource practices for recruitment and training, and to develop an evident capability within the organizational culture to celebrate success, to allow people to recognize that The Army is doing good things and that they are part of the team and that their contributions are valued and have positive results.
Action Steps:

  • We will undertake initiatives that continuously support and build a culture of innovation across all ministry units, involving Officers, staff and volunteers;
  • We will deliver leadership development programs that support the leadership requirements of The Army at all levels and that are aligned with related Territorial initiatives;
  • We will undertake a Human Resources Recruitment and Practices Strategy that focuses on:
  1. Integrated succession planning;
  2. Engaging Salvationists into leadership and volunteer roles in Ministry Units;
  3. Supporting the need to align with new federal and provincial legislations;
  4. Identifying and developing strategies to recruit based on the skills sets needed by the Ministry Units to remain effective and relevant;
  5. Other human resource requirements important to The Army as it evolves over time.


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