5knowledge_graphicThe Salvation Army Ontario Great Lakes Division is committed to discovering the needs of the communities in which it serves and responding with relevant programs and services that fill gaps and which embrace multigenerational and multicultural populations.






 This strategic direction reflects the requirement for The Salvation Army to continually develop and evaluate its programs and services according to the needs of the communities served.

Social Services operate within a high change environment that continually evolves.  The changes are broad in scope, ranging from the needs of individuals and their communities; to changing government policies, funding directions and expectation; to significant changes in values and perspectives within society itself.

The Salvation Army needs to develop its programs and services to respond to the changing needs of individuals and communities as well as funders and others.


Responding to gaps, developing program evaluation models and other actions are needed to continually keep The Salvation Army’s programs and services relevant, valued, outcome-based and connected to the Army’s Mission.

Action Steps:

  • We will develop the capacity within the division to continually assess community need/service gaps and the society trends that influence both the needs of individuals and The Salvation Army’s relationships and roles within the communities served.
  • We will develop an approach to providing programs and engagement with multigenerational and multicultural populations within the communities served;
  • We will develop an integrated program evaluation process that serves both Salvation Army and funder requirements;
  • We will undertake a comprehensive evaluation of The Salvation Army’s facilities to determine their potentially enhanced value to current Salvation Army programs, services and capabilities; possible beneficial reuses; or other alternatives.



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