2integration_graphicThe Salvation Army Ontario Great Lakes Division is committed to the integration of its Corps (Churches) and Social Services ministries connected by a common desire of bringing people together from all walks and disciplines in order to build community and quality of life.

The focus is always people.






This Strategic Direction focuses on one of the most dominant themes that emerged from the Area Strategic Plans and that is the vital need to have Corps (Churches) and Social Service units working together, building on the strengths, capabilities and commitments of each.  Over the years, there has been a growing apart of Corps (Churches) and Social Services Ministries into separate envelopes. What is needed  moving forward is the integration of all ministries connected by a common mission in order to bring the best opportunities and outcomes forward for the people and communities served and for the realization of bringing people to Jesus.

This objective not only requires a commitment to integration, but also the development of the models, processes and actions that enhance, facilitate and ensure that this integration is realized and that all The Army’s resources come together to fulfill its Mission.  Education and training, evaluation, communication and other tools are vital to the success of this outcome.

Action Steps:

  • We will develop visible and effective Mission and Ministry models, supports and action, both internally in The Salvation Army’s Corps (Churches) and Social Service units, as well as within the communities served;
  • We will undertake to provide comprehensive educational programs for Army Officers, staff, volunteers, community leaders and others on the benefits and approaches to achieving integrated Mission and Ministry;
  • We will implement processes and evaluation frameworks that ensure the ongoing effective development and achievement of integrated Mission and Ministry approaches and benefits.


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