The Salvation Army Ontario Great Lakes Division is committed to our mission of sharing the love of Jesus Christ, meeting human need and being a transforming influence in the communities we serve. 


Faith is the foundation of all we do.







The following perspectives identify the themes within the Mission Statement:

  • We will share the Love of Jesus Christ – states the profound purpose of the Salvation Army, which is to bring to people and the communities served the love of Jesus Christ through sharing good works and being living role models of faith;
  • We will meet human needs – represents the belief that the Army must work with people to help them overcome their barriers and life challenges as a preferred way to bring them to Jesus Christ, and to build the strength and sustainability of their faith in God and themselves;
  • We will be a transforming influence in our communities – indicates that the Salvation Army not only works with individuals, but needs to be, through the modeling of its faith, advocacy and community development work, a catalyst for effective and positive change in each community served so as to help those in need, to grow the presence and practice of Christian Values and the word of Jesus, and to be a powerful voice for good in an increasingly challenging world.


Values represent decision lenses. That is, they provide an organization the opportunity to assess each decision it makes to ensure it aligns with and is supportive to what is most fundamentally important to the organization in terms of its relationships with people and communities, the ethics by which it will operate and the goals it wishes to achieve.

The following Values have been identified for the Ontario Great Lakes Division and are built upon the Territorial Core Values and Core Operating Values.

Core  Values

  • Salvation
  • Holiness
  • Intimacy with God

Core Operating  Values

  • Compassion

    • We will reach out to others and care for them
  • Respect

    • We will promote the dignity of each person
  • Excellence

    • We will strive to be the best at what we do and be a model for others to emulate
  • Integrity

    • We will be honest and trustworthy
  • Cooperation

    • We will encourage and  foster team work and partnerships
  • Relevance

    • We will commit to the pursuit of innovation and effectiveness
  • Celebration

    • We will give thanks by marking milestones and success

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