Program Overview

Correctional and Justice Services London and Elgin Middlesex, encourages and assists all persons affected by the Justice System.  There is a whole suite of adult programming and services offered for clients who require care, practical support, outreach and other types of assistance to re-establish their lives productively and enable positive re-integration into community following incarceration.

“TheJohnSchool” is for men charged with communicating for the purpose of engaging in prostitution.  This includes one-to-one counselling followed by  a full day workshop, videos, and guest speakers from the community. The men will hear from professionals such as law enforcement and the Crown’s office, or from others in the community  who have been negatively impacted by sex trade occurring in their neighbourhood. Understanding and recognizing the harms caused is the first step toward accepting responsibility for making positive changes.

The Cornerstone program is another community based diversion program which offers group support and is open to anyone involved in the sex trade.   A series of counselling sessions and workshops are available as well as peer-to-peer group meetings.

The Addiction Education program is a series of  group sessions educating men and women on the effects of alcohol and drug use.  This  is an interactive class where participants learn to recognize the triggers and discuss the  impact of addiction in order to discover techniques for avoiding or reducing harmful behaviours.

Positive Lifestyles is another program for men and women which offers individual and group support and practical services for persons at risk.  In a relaxed informal environment people can explore new and healthy choices for their lives such as returning to school, encouraging each other, safe living spaces, and other ways to remove the barriers associated with homelessness, poverty, crime, and addiction. The positive Lifestyles program also offers weekly support for a group of women at Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre. Each year the Bear Hugs program assists institutionalized women by sending their child a teddy bear at Christmas.  We also run a craft program at EMDC for women to enjoy positive conversation while exploring their creativity by  making cards, paintings/drawings or other items they can send to family members.

The Compulsive Shoplifting program is designed to strengthen a sense of self, and self-awareness.  Discovering tools and techniques to break harmful cycles is a key component, along with practical help such as financial literacy, family budgeting, and other aspects of self-sufficient living and discovering positive ways to establish self-sufficiency.

We offer a Soul Food program  for women which runs every Monday evening to prepare and share a meal and Bible based discussion.  Several times a year we run a retreat for women-at-risk called “The Journey,” primarily for those who have backgrounds in the sex trade, addictions or jail. This three-day retreat allows women to escape for a few days to an out-of-town sanctuary where they are pampered and learn to build healthy relationships with the support of The Salvation Army staff and volunteers.

Our Chaplaincy program provides worship, counselling and practical support for those incarcerated at the Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre or by drop-in or appointment in the CJS offices.

Additional services include Court Services:  providing practical and spiritual assistance to the accused and their families. The Electronic Supervision program:  oversees and executes the electronic bracelets for London and Region.

The Salvation Army – Correctional and Justice Services is committed to meeting human needs through spiritual care and practical support while ensuring dignity and compassion for everyone.