From the Employee Relations Procedures Manual – Section 02.3: Employee Orientation – Guidelines for Employee Orientation:

A complete orientation for all new employees is essential for staff to be able to perform to their potential and provide the level of service expected by the Corps/facility and the clientele we serve.

The Purpose of an Employee Orientation:

  • To assist new employees to become comfortable in their new environment.
  • To familiarize new employees with the general services/programs, policy and procedures, and philosophy of The Salvation Army facility employing them.
  • To provide new employees with specifics regarding the function and operations of their position/unity so they may meet required standards of performance.

To see the full Employee Orientation Guidelines Policy, click here – Employee Orientation Guidelines


We have created a First Day Orientation Checklist for you to use
during your employee orientations! 

Click here First Day Orientation List to download the checklist

All OCE ministry units are encouraged to use this and to make necessary changes and/or adjustments in order to remove or add orientation materials and procedures as applicable to the employee’s position.