DHQ Employee Relations Contact for Benefits Administration:

Nadine Giron
Email: Nadine_Giron@can.salvationarmy.org
Phone: 416-321-2654 x 140

From the Employee Relations Procedures Manual – Section 11.1: Completion of Enrollment/Change Form:


All new employees, having completed three months of active employment (six months for some locations), and are working 25 hours a week must participate in all core elements of the program except Long Term Disability (LTD).  In addition, employees who are working 30 hours or more per week must participate in the LTD program.


Once the completed Employee Transaction Form (ETF), Personal Information Form, and all additional required information (ie. police check(s), banking information, and tax forms) have been received by the Ontario Central-East Divisional Headquarters, a Benefit Enrolment Kit will be sent to the Ministry Unit for the eligible employee.

The Benefit Enrolment Kit will include a Benefit Enrolment Letter accompanied with information booklets and form(s) that will need to be reviewed and signed by the employee. 

It is important that the enrolment form(s) are reviewed, signed, and sent back to Nadine Giron at the Ontario Central-East Divisional Headquarters ER Department on or before the date indicated on the Benefit Enrolment Letter.  This will allow time for processing the employee’s enrolment form with the insurance carrier.