Salvation Army Barrhaven Quilting Group is Sewing Masks and Caps for the Community

by carolinefranks
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Givette Titcombe Volet (Gigi) loves to sew and she, along with other members of The Salvation Army in Barrhaven’s Quilting group, are using their talents to make masks and caps to support local organizations during the pandemic.

The group of 5 women who all live in Barrhaven piece the masks and caps together, each offering their time and skills to the task.  “I have quite a team,” said Gigi, “Someone who irons the material, someone who does the cutting, I do the washing and sewing and someone else sews the buttons on the caps etc…”

The sewing group has made 40 masks for residents at The Haven Multifaith Housing Initiative and 25 caps and 60 masks for Respond Ottawa. Another bath of 60 masks for Respond Ottawa is expected by the end of the week. In total the group estimates they have made about 300 items for individuals and groups.

Respond Ottawa was formed by a group of churches who wanted to support the community after the tornadoes hit the Ottawa region in 2018. The organization helps individuals and families with emotional and physical needs during a disaster or a crisis by connecting them with churches and various organizations in our community.

“The homemade masks and bandanas given to Respond Ottawa will go to Meals on Wheels and to a local long-term care facility,” said Stephanie Seaver, PPE Coordinator at Respond Ottawa. “PPE items are one of the biggest needs right now.”

As Gigi and her team work on more batches of masks and caps for Respond Ottawa they are grateful that so far most of the material has been donated and only the elastics had to be purchased.

“My passion has always been sewing. I was born in Switzerland in an era when a girl didn’t sit idle, you always had to have sewing, knitting or embroidery in your hand, so I find it wasteful to do nothing in front of the TV,” said Gigi.

Stephanie says Respond Ottawa has been hearing from organizations on how much PPE items are appreciated right now.  “We are so grateful for the support from our community,” she said.

If you would like to support Respond Ottawa please visit

To support the work of The Salvation Army please visit or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY.


By: Caroline Franks