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by Ontario Central East
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By: Anneliesa McLean

Twelve-year-old Mason Day, a Bradford resident, has important insight for us all. We can use our passions as a way to give back to our communities.

This spring, Mason decided to use his hobby to fundraise on behalf of The Salvation Army.

“I did not realize that I could use my cubing hobby as a tool for helping people, by turning it into a fundraiser,” explains Mason.

Mason is a passionate speedcuber and a national competitor. What is speed cubing? It is a timed activity using the Rubik’s Cube. Speedcubers attempt to solve puzzle sizes, such as the 3×3 and 2×4. They use a series of moves to unscramble the cube into one face colour on each side of the cube. Mason can be found on YouTube on his Cubert Cuber channel sharing his knowledge of cubing.

Earlier in the year, Mason visited The Salvation Army’s Northridge Community Church which provides a number of community-focused programs and services that meet the needs of those in East Gwillimbury, Bradford, King Township, Newmarket, Aurora and Stouffville. Mason independently researched and took special notice of the community services offered by the church.

“I was impressed by the housing and food services they provide to the community,” says Mason. “The thought of someone going without food is hard to imagine.”

A homeschooled student, Mason chose to fund raise on behalf of The Salvation Army for his assigned school project. He created and held a fundraiser called Cubing for Causes and the event was held on Saturday, May 11, 2019 at the Bradford West Gwillimburry Library. The event was organized and set-up similar to a national cubing competition for kids, with time cards, judges, entry fees and a snack table, with all proceeds going to community and family services programs at Northridge. The Cubing for Causes event was so successful that it raised $426.00 which will help go directly to supporting those in the community

“He is an incredible young man.” said Nancy Harrison, the Community Relations representative at Northridge Community Church. “I can tell that he gets his passion from his family. For him to choose the Salvation Army as a charity is an honour.”

The Salvation Army applauds Mason’s efforts and is sincerely grateful for his initiative, taken to help provide assistance to those in need in his community. His thoughtfulness and creativity will no doubt encourage others to do more to help transform lives through the work of the Salvation Army.