March Break Camp Brings Joy to Underprivileged Children

Campers from The Salvation Army Oshawa Temple enjoying a day out at a conversation area feeding birds.
by juneli
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By: June Li

“My favourite memory was the time… actually I forgot my favourite part because I like every part of camp!” exclaimed 10-year-old Tomas, a camper at The Salvation Army Oshawa Temple.

March Break has officially begun and our campers are ready for some fun! All across Ontario, Salvation Army Community and Family Services locations are running March Break programs. In Oshawa, Ontario, The Salvation Army Oshawa Temple is operating a March Break Camp between March 11th to 15th for children from as young as Junior Kindergarten to youth up to Grade Seven.

For low-income families, March Break can pose a financial strain as school meals and supervision is not available during that week. However, March Break camps offer a safe and fun alternative. This year, The Salvation Army Oshawa Temple is holding an inclusive and affordable March Break option for families in the community. “Our March Break camps are a safe space for children of all different backgrounds and abilities,” says Alexandria Gerard, Children’s Ministries Coordinator at The Salvation Army Oshawa Temple. “We are proud to be known in the community as an inclusive environment for all children.”

Whether it is arts and crafts or fun games, March Break camps provide a steady routine for children throughout the week. From visiting a conservation area to feed birds and completing a scavenger hunt to making new memories during their surprise activity each afternoon, Salvation Army March Break camps are surely keeping these campers engaged and active! When asked what her favourite part about camp is, 10- year-old Chrissy responded, “My favourite thing about camp is that we get to go on fun adventures and trips.” 11- year-old Avery responded, “I like going on the trips! My favourite part is playing with all the other kids.”

“If I had to sum up a week of March Break camp in one word I’d choose joy,” says Alexandria, “Camp is full of fun, and we know that every year the camp staff has just as much fun as the kids do! On top of this, we are so blessed to be able to share the message of God’s love freely with our campers.”