A Century of Dedication

Connie Cook and Beverly Williams - Receptionists at The Salvation Army's Divisional Headquarters in Scarborough, Ontario
by juneli
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By: June Li

A century of love, care, compassion, and dedication; 36500 days, – that is the combined number of days that Connie Cook and Beverly Williams have devoted to The Salvation Army. Every day when you walk through the doors of The Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters in Scarborough, Ontario, you will see the welcoming faces of Connie and Beverly, the Receptionists and faces of Ontario Central East’s Divisional Headquarters. On International Women’s Day, we would like to express our appreciation and recognize these two wonderful ladies who have helped this Division grow to what it is today.

After being let go from her job at an insurance brokerage, Connie found herself at the bookstore. With money tight at home, Connie was afraid to tell her family. It was then she was approached by a Salvation Army Officer who helped her land her job at The Salvation Army. At 18-years-old, Connie began her journey with the Army, “I started out as a Clerk Typist where I learned how to use the mailing machine and received switchboard training.” 52 years later, Connie says that she still enjoys every aspect of her job, “I like every part of this job. Whatever the task or project is, Bev and I do it to the best of our ability.”

Connie Cook and Beverly Williams at Divisional HeadquartersBeverly’s journey began with The Salvation Army when she arrived in Canada from Barbados 49 years ago. While looking for a job, she visited an employment agency for guidance; it is then where she was referred to The Salvation Army. “I remember typing envelopes and using manual typewriters!” exclaimed Beverly as she reflected on her memories.

When asked what their favourite memory of working at The Salvation Army is, Beverly said, “Every moment here is my favourite memory. Even this moment right now.”

On behalf of The Salvation Army’s Ontario Central East Divisional Headquarters, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Connie and Beverly for their commitment to the mission of The Salvation Army and for helping give hope to everyone who walks through our doors.