Help The Salvation Army Feed Hungry Families

Volunteers at Salvation Army Railside Centre
by juneli
Categories: Divisional News

By: June Li

Over this past Christmas, thousands of people volunteered at The Salvation Army. Whether it was sorting toys at our distribution centre or serving a bowl of warm soup to someone in need, we are truly grateful to all the dedicated volunteers we had over the holiday season.

With Christmas come and gone, we are now facing a different challenge. Thanks to your generosity, we have pallets of food ready to be distributed to hungry families. But before we can distribute the food, they need to be sorted – and that is where we need you! “Unlike toys, food has a limited shelf life,” says John Halbert, Director of The Salvation Army’s Railside Warehouse Distribution Centre, “We need to sort and distribute it within a certain timeframe or the donation goes to waste  – something we simply don’t want to see happen!”   

Please consider giving the gift that keeps on giving by volunteering your time. Feeding programs, food hampers, and food donations can make a huge difference to the 1 in 8 families struggling with food insecurity. Sorting food can be taxing, but together, we can overcome this challenge.

John continues, “Consider the stress of a parent not being able to provide food to meet their child’s basic needs. We have the food to share; I am asking for your help to get it to those who need it.”

Take action today, so that no one will have to know what hunger feels like.

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer, please contact Erika Legacy at or 416-285-0080 (Option 1).