A New Twist to a Handcrafted Treasure

Community Care Ministries Team
by juneli
Categories: Divisional News

By: June Li

Every month, the Community Care Ministries team at The Salvation Army’s Whitby Community Church visit old age homes in the neighbourhood to help spread compassion and joy to those who may be lonely or hurting. This year, Darlene Owen, Community Care Secretary, thought of a new way to spread joy this Christmas.

“One day, I was visiting my husband’s cousin who is battling cancer,” says Darlene, “She showed me some fidget muffs that she was making.” After researching about the many benefits of fidget muffs, Darlene decided to bring this idea to CCM.  “I saw that fidget muffs can have therapeutic benefits and can be soothing to Alzheimer and dementia patients,” explains Darlene.

Not only are fidget muffs warm and colourful, the beads, buttons and ribbons attached also provide a source of visual, tactile sensory stimulation. Individuals suffering from dementia or Alzheimer often have restless hands, but fidget muffs can keep their hands occupied and their minds engaged.

Rather than making fidget muffs, CCM put a twist on this handcrafted treasure. “We decided to do twiddle mats instead,” says Darlene, “Since the wool and materials were donated to us, there is no cost to making twiddle mats for us.”

“Fidget muffs retail for around $40-$60. But now each patient will receive one as part of our outreach program which will help healthcare professionals with therapy programs,” says Major Donette Percy, Corps Officer of The Salvation Army Whitby Community Church. Thanks to the hard work of CCM and the generous donations from community members, many hospital residents and those living in senior’s homes will receive a one of a kind handmade twiddle mat for Christmas this year.

“I feel so blessed that in Whitby we have such an awesome CCM group of friends, with hearts for service to others but giving God the glory,” says Darlene.