Valentine’s Brunch Warms Community’s Hearts

Valentine's Day Brunch at The Salvation Army in Parry Sound
by The Salvation Army in Canada
Categories: Divisional News, Events

By: June Li

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to celebrate our loved ones and to let our friends know that they are cared for. On this special day, The Salvation Army Rainbow Country Church in Parry Sound held a Valentine’s brunch for the community.

With over 50 people in attendance, the Church was buzzing with chatter and laughter. Not only did attendees enjoy a delicious brunch they also learned something new. With February being Heart Month, the church decided to make the theme of the brunch ‘Healthy Hearts’. “Brochures were handed out to educate the attendees on making healthy lifestyle choices,” says Lieutenant Scott Allen, Corps Officer of The Salvation Army Rainbow Country Church, “One of our congregation members also did a presentation on Healthy Hearts using information provided by the Government of Canada.”

Lieutenant Allen explained that many of those in attendance to the brunch were seniors, many of whom are empty nesters or who have recently lost their spouse. The Healthy Heart presentation and brochures handed out will help provide useful information and tools to seniors on how to prepare healthy meals for a smaller group as well as tips on how to stay active.

The Valentine’s brunch definitely left attendees more informed on how to keep their hearts healthy, but more importantly, it filled their hearts with warmth. “Events like this bring people together for food and fellowship,” Lieutenant Scott explains, “It helps alleviate the loneliness that many seniors are experiencing during the holidays.”