The Gift of Volunteering

Elliot, Volunteer at Salvation Army Event
by The Salvation Army in Canada
Categories: Divisional News, Events

By: June Li

Helping has no age limit and at nine-years-old, Elliott proves that when children give back, they can have a powerful impact on the community. At the young age of six, Elliott began volunteering at The Salvation Army Lindsay Community Church.  His first memory of volunteering was ringing the bells at The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettles with his parents. “My favourite part of doing Kettles is talking to all the people that come by,” says Elliott.

When children volunteer at a young age, they are able to meet people from all walks of life giving them the opportunity to interact with others who are different – and often times less fortunate than themselves. “It’s been important for me to make sure my kids have a sense of the significance of volunteering and helping other people,” says Elliott’s father, Jeffrey Robertson, “Seeing them get involved assures me they are seeing how their time and gifts can be of service to other people.”

When asked how volunteering makes him feel, Elliott responded, “It makes me feel good that I am helping people who don’t really have anything to survive, that need clothes and food.” Elliott encourages other children his age to volunteer, “It’s really fun and you can bring a friend!” he excitedly says, “When you volunteer, it will help people who are in need.”

“Seeing my kids volunteering warms my heart.” 

One of Elliott’s highlights this year of volunteering was helping out at TheSalvation Army’s Christmas in the Square event. “I love volunteering at events! My favourite part was handing out the giveaways to everyone.” 

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