Emergency Disaster Services Supporting Those Affected by Fire

Salvation Army EDS Truck
by June Li
Categories: Divisional News

The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services responded to a fire, at the request of the Ottawa Fire Services, on the 21st floor of an apartment building at 2201 Riverside Drive in Ottawa.

The Salvation Army’s EDS team, led by Coordinator Craig Dunbar along with volunteers from the Retired Ottawa Firefighters Association, served lunch to displaced residents from the building and first responders. Over 100 hot meals, as well as water, hot chocolate and coffee were served.

ROFFA Coordinator John McCarthy says things went well. “We served a hot lunch out the window of The Salvation Army canteen truck to residents and first responders that were on scene for hours and may have missed a meal.”

Emergency Disaster Services also offered vouchers to Salvation Army Thrift Stores to those whose apartments were directly affected by the fire. Thrift Store vouchers can be used at any of our eight Thrift Stores in Ottawa to replace clothing, furniture and household items.

The Salvation Army served dinner to residents at a nearby reception centre where displaced residents stayed warm until they were updated on the situation.  The reception centre was opened to 700 residents with over 600 expected to be able to return home that same evening.

Ottawa Fire Services reports that damage is estimated at $200,000.

The Army’s established and well-rehearsed emergency protocol allows the organization to deliver fast, efficient service to first responders as well as those impacted. The Salvation Army endeavours to ease human suffering wherever it is found and draws on a wide range of resources that rapidly shift into action when a disaster strikes. The Salvation Army’s capability and experience are proven. Whether a local incident or a major disaster, EDS personnel are often among the first to arrive on the scene and the last to depart.