Ontario Great Lakes United Advisory Board Day

by The Salvation Army in Canada

On Saturday, 09 May 2015, members of the London, Windsor, Hamilton and Sudbury Advisory Boards met together for a day of networking and education. The event was held in London and began with a time of fellowship and coffee for the 25 individuals present.

Lt.-Colonel Jim Champ, Territorial Secretary for Communications, commenced the day by providing an overview of the National Advisory Board structure and asking God’s blessing on the gathering. Major Les Marshall, Territorial Secretary for Public Relations and Development, greeted the board members and spoke about The Army’s current national marketing campaign and strategy.

Major Morris Vincent, Divisional Commander, shared a “State of the Division” address based on the mission statement of sharing the love of Jesus Christ, meeting human need and being a transforming influence in the communities of our world. He outlined some of the highlights and opportunities currently facing the division around personnel, program, finances and property concluding with a commitment to stay true to the mission and seek the direction of God moving forward.

In her presentation, Joanne Tilley, THQ Social Services Consultant, spoke about the seven Emergency Shelter Operating Principles, how The Army is currently applying these principles in our shelters and what they may look like moving forward in response to the changing service landscape of shelter provision, including the Housing First strategy.

“Societal Trends” was the focus of a presentation by consultant Fred Galloway, of F. J. Galloway Associates Inc. in London.  He expounded on the rapid and intensive rigors of change in today’s society and how they impact not-for-profits in the areas of organizational structure, human resources, funding, accountability, technology and donor relations.

The Chairs of each board represented shared a report on their activities over the past year including both the successes and the challenges facing The Army in their region.

The attendees expressed their appreciation for the opportunity of building relationships with other board members from across the division and for the very helpful and enlightening presentations.


Major Morris Vincent, Divisional Commander, presents "State of the Division" address at United ADvisory Board Day.

Major Morris Vincent, Divisional Commander, presents “State of the Division” address at United ADvisory Board Day.