Walk with the Cross

by The Salvation Army in Canada
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Story Courtesy of St. Thomas-Elgin Weekly News (click here for original article)

Around 200 worshipers marched to the sound of a 30 piece marching band on Good Friday

The Salvation Brass from the United Kingdom helped local worshipers celebrate the twenty-first annual St Thomas Walk with the Cross. Bandmaster Dean Jones and local Salvation Army Corp Captain Mark Hall joined with 30 other talented musicians to lead the march.

The Salvation Brass is a group of friends from around the UK linked through The Salvation Army. The marchers said they were thrilled with the addition of this world-class band. Once at St. Thomas City Hall, the worshipers sang, rejoiced, danced, and shared “the powerful message of new life in Christ,” according to the Pastor of St. Thomas Pentecostal Assembly, Rev. Peter W. Cusick.

He said he was thrilled at the response of his congregation, the local Salvation Army Citadel, and visitors who joined the walk.

“This is a great event, which we have sponsored for 21 years,” he said. “This is a celebration of what the Resurrection weekend is all about. There is a lot of joy, excitement, and a great family atmosphere.” The walk is not a protest, explained Cusick, but a demonstration of God’s love and warmth for all people – but especially for the city of St Thomas.

It is significant the Walk with the Cross consummates with a celebration on the steps at City Hall.

Cusick said he extended his appreciation to them and council for this annual privilege.

“Each year the worshippers are thrilled at the possibilities of actually carrying the cross,” Cusick said. “Walking down the main streets of St. Thomas, carrying a cross is an incredibly significant act for the worshippers. Each person sees the event as a highlight of their spiritual journey.”

The marchers packed the hall at the Pentecostal Assembly on Wellington Street for an annual chili lunch in support of mid-day soup kitchen and mission the Grace Café.