CN Rail Employees Paint at London Centre of Hope

by The Salvation Army in Canada

Employees of CN Rail participated in a “Community Team Building Day” in London on Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 by assisting the Centre of Hope with a painting project.  The newly acquired building at 261 Wellington St was in need of some TLC.  CN staff spent the morning freshening up the space by painting both floors.  Once completed, they cleaned up and then went to the main Centre of Hope building where they served lunch, sponsored by CN, to the residents and staff.

“We are so thrilled to be here”, said Lindsay Fedchyshyn, Regional Manager of CN Public and Government Affairs.  “We just feel it’s so important to get to know our neighbours.  CN’s community investment objectives are very heavily focused on community health and safety and health promotion for the people in the communities in which CN trains operate. It’s a very important priority for us as a company – getting to know our neighbours, creating goodwill and building healthy, strong communities – and that’s one of the reasons why we’re here.”

CN Vice President, John Orr has a history with the City of London.  “This is where I started on the railways, as a brakeman back in 1984; it’s where I met my wife; I lived here for 12 years. So I’ve got an emotional attachment to this area and it was so nice to be able to give back and participate in a transitional place like this that gives people a foot up.  It is our responsibility to do it and we take that very seriously.  It’s a privilege to be out in the community.  It’s important; it’s right and we’re glad to do it.”