The Salvation Army and Community Partners Host Back To School Computer Give Away

by The Salvation Army in Canada

Project Comp-U-Give, a partnership between The Salvation Army, Western University and a local family, kicked off the new school year by providing 8 families with a computer.  The latest session of Project Comp-U-Give took place at The Salvation Army London Village on Thursday, September 5th, just in time for back to school.

Since October 2012, Project Comp-U-Give has been facilitating the teaching of basic computer skills to families, and then when they leave, providing them with a recently refurbished computer.  The computers are fully loaded with the basic programs required. In total, nearly 50 computers have been given away to local families, with more sessions being planned for this year.

“We are thrilled to be able to work with our community partners in this very valuable and worthwhile initiative”, says Perron Goodyear, Public Relations and Development Representative for The Salvation Army.  “Project Comp-U-Give helps to restore dignity to families by giving them access to technology that will assist them with their education.”

Computers are an important part of today’s society. Children need them to do homework, young adults need them for post-secondary studies, families need them to access resources in their community. They are used to pay bills, check bus schedules, look for jobs, apply for jobs, look for housing, register for camps, and so much more. They are an invaluable tool and Project Comp-U-Give wants to make sure every household in our community has one available to them.