by The Salvation Army in Canada
With Hurricane Sandy on track to make landfall early in the week, The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services is making preparations for a possible response. Preparations include ensuring all Community Response Units (mobile canteens) and other disaster relief equipment are operational and ready to deploy as well as identifying trained personnel who may be available.

While each emergency and disaster is unique there are certain basic services which The Salvation Army is prepared to assist with. These include, but are not limited to: food & hydration services, emotional & spiritual care, crisis intervention, communications and clothing. In the initial 12 days following last summer’s tornado in Goderich, The Salvation Army provided more than 15,000 meals to those affected as well as responders.

“While we pray we are not needed our personnel and equipment are being prepared to respond to Hurricane Sandy”, says Perron Goodyear, Divisional Director of Emergency Disaster Services for the Army’s Ontario Great Lakes Division. “This includes being available either locally or assisting our neighbours in the United States if required.”

The Salvation Army is well-equipped to handle any demands made of it, as requested by a local municipality, the province of Ontario, Emergency Services Personnel, or other Emergency Disaster Services unit. The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services program in Canada began in December 1917 in response to the Halifax explosion. It has grown into an international network involving thousands of volunteers and trained personnel worldwide.