The Salvation Army in Windsor Helps Remember Our Peacekeepers

by The Salvation Army in Canada
Categories: ONG News

Each year The Salvation Army in Windsor participates in an event, “Passing the Torch”, designed to educate younger generations about Canadian Military Service.  This year’s event was held from October 10-12  at the Kingsville Historical Park & Royal Canadian Legion.  The theme was “Remembering Our Peacekeepers”.  More than 600 students from area schools attended and rotated to each station as well as a tour of the museum.

At The Salvation Army station students were treated to juice and snacks from the Windsor Community Response Unit provided by Emergency Disaster Services personnel.  They were then given information about the long standing partnership between the Army and the Canadian Military by one of two Salvation Army Officers who have also served with the Military, Major Fred Butler-Caughie (R) or Major Ralph Young.  Major Butler-Caughie recently retired both as an active Officer as well as a Military Chaplain and Major Young served with the Military prior to entering Training College.

The young people were captivated by the presentations with many taking hand-outs provided.  Teachers commented how much they appreciated the opportunity provided to the students.