Rembrandt Homes continues with extreme generosity

by The Salvation Army in Canada

Four years ago, it was suggested to Tony Marsman of Rembrandt Homes by a long time colleague and friend which Rembrandt Homes has dealt with for years, to invite a Salvation Army representative to the Rembrandt Homes annual Christmas luncheon to stand at a kettle.  This suggestion was also ratified by many others in the Rembrandt company.  The Salvation Army was favored by Rembrandt because their fundraising and kettle campaign wholly benefits the needy in the community.

Tony Marsman invited attendees to donate to the kettle upon arrival and personally agreed to match that donation.  The first event in 2008 provided just over $1,700 in support and has continued to grow since then.

At the 2011 Christmas luncheon this past December, the ante was raised considerably, to the point where Mr. Marsman agreed to increase his level of personal support.  When the final count was in after the luncheon and along with staff contributions at their workplace event, Rembrandt Homes and Tony Marsman contributed over $30,000 to the 2011 Kettle Campaign, far and away the largest single corporate donation to London’s campaign ever.

In the photo above, Tony is seen with Rembrandt Homes V.P. John Westgate with their plaque in recognition of their support of the campaign.

And it doesn’t stop there. Tony also has agreed to sponsor London’s inaugural Hope in the City Breakfast, set for November of this year, at which business and corporate attendees will learn more about how they can support the kettle campaign.  With Tony and John’s acts of kindness leading the way, this new event should have a great impact on this year’s campaign.