School Supplies donated by Ricky Ratchets Auto Repair

by The Salvation Army in Canada
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We’ve seen it before; Ricky Ratchets Auto Repair pulling up with a truckload of donations. Be it for our Christmas program, food for the Food Bank, or school supplies, they always seem to know just what we need.
Just in time for the launch of our popular Back to School program, Ricky Ratchets owners Rick and Linda McMullin rolled onto our lot with boxes of brand new school supplies today. Hundreds of students in London can’t afford school supplies, and people like the McMullins and other community members team up to help give kids a strong start at school with a new backpack full of supplies. Along with school supplies, Ricky Ratchets donated much needed boxes of food and supplies for our Food Bank.
Thank you, Ricky Ratchets, for caring.

Dave and Chris from Ricky Rachet's Auto Repair deliver the goods.