Container Filled to Capacity Arrives at Salvation Army Hospital in Zimbabwe

by Ontario Communications
Categories: Divisional News

A 40′ container packed and sent on November 30 has arrived safely at The Salvation Army’s Howard Hospital in Zimbabwe. The Howard Hospital continues to be one of the only fully operational public hospitals in the country, providing medical services for 155,000 patient visits a year.

The shipment took three months to arrive. The container was filled to capacity. It included an ultrasound machine, ECG machine, fetal monitor, 3,000+ boxes of medicine and medical supplies, crutches, canes, an electric scooter, toilet paper, scrubs, used clothes, 700 pairs of shoes, educational supplies and more…

The Salvation Army in Canada has a working relationship with a group of people from the Trillium Hospital in Mississauga. This group (headed up by Dr. Michael Weinberg and his friend Bert Amato) solicit donations of money and goods on behalf of Howard Hospital. The Salvation Army holds the funds they raise. When they have gathered enough material to fill a container, The Salvation Army provides volunteers to load it, and then pays the shipping invoices from the funds held for this group.