Sudden Storm Floods Hundreds of Hamilton Homes

by The Salvation Army in Canada
Categories: Newswire


The Salvation Army’s Emergency Response team was called into action on Sunday afternoon by city officials as 1,000 homes in the east end of the city were flooded by a deluge of rain. Flooding from Sunday’s powerful storm, which swept through the city around midday, caused the closure of the Red Hill expressway off-ramps from the QEW and left motorists and homeowners at the mercy of mother nature. Residents who were affected by the storm were evacuated to Valley Park community centre where The Salvation Army provided food and support. Most were able to return to their homes later in the evening, or are staying with friends and family while basements empty. The Salvation Army continues to be on standby as the weather forecast for the next few days includes more rain. The water is quickly receding and city crews are working to ensure that catchbasins are clear of debris to aid in this.