How to Be Ready for Anything

Posted on 2nd May 2022, by
salvation army helping survivor
Canadian communities are not immune to natural hazards. This is proven in the 2019 extraordinary spring in Alberta where 644 wildfires were reported, and in the rain and flooding that struck southwestern B.C. in 2021. The Salvation Army has provided emergency disaster services since the 1917 Halifax Explosion. Each year, The Salvation Army encourages Canadians  […]

Salvation Army International Leader Brings The Good News of Easter

Posted on 14th April 2022, by
cross draped with purple robe and crown of thorns
The gospel of Jesus Christ provides grace, forgiveness and reconciliation for all—wherever they are, whatever their age, no matter their circumstances. “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.”—Romans 1:16 My greetings to you as we recognize and celebrate Easter 2022. The  […]

Celebrating Earth Day All Month Long

Posted on 12th April 2022, by
person carries black bag with refresh, recycle, restyle imprinted on it
Most Canadians are familiar with the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. These three Rs are a fundamental aspect of waste reduction strategies, and they are also a major component to the message of Earth Day (April 22), an annual international recognition dedicated to environmental awareness and action. At The Salvation Army Thrift Store, National  […]
Mother, father hold child under tent with food and clothes
Kirill turned 21 days old the day he crossed the Ukrainian-Romanian border through Siret customs. He was born on March 2, in the northern region of Kyiv, Vyshorod, in a bunker of a local hospital. Valeria, age 29, his mother, says that among the first noises Kirill heard were those of rockets hitting the city.  […]

Giving Back

Posted on 25th March 2022, by
Participant stands with graduation certificate
The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope program provides intensive, personalized case management to individuals and families who have a desire to break the cycle of poverty. It is designed to strengthen whole communities, and to provide support regardless of challenging circumstances. Pathway of Hope extended to Halifax this year, and one of the first people  […]