Salvation Army Celebrates Canadian Diversity

Posted on 28th June 2019, by
Tricia, and Indigenous woman
Canada Day celebrations are just around the corner, and as the nation celebrates its history and diversity, The Salvation Army pays respect to the many cultures that have helped Canada become a thriving and inclusive nation. “The Salvation Army believes that the world is enriched and strengthened by a diversity of cultures and ethnicities,” says  […]

The Environmental Impact of Thrifting

Posted on 5th June 2019, by
Thrift store employee sorts through racks of clothes in the store
World Environment Day, an annual event held on June 5, raises global awareness about environmental issues and encourages the public to engage in effective actions. The Salvation Army believes that the earth is God’s creation and we should be good stewards of its care. One of the ways The Salvation Army strives to help the  […]

Community Garden Helps Boost Food Security in Penticton

Posted on 30th May 2019, by
Since 2013, The Salvation Army’s community garden in Penticton, B.C., has been a place where social connections are established, healthy eating is celebrated and food security is boosted. “The community garden works in conjunction with the Penticton food bank, which is operated by The Salvation Army, to create community and long-term solutions to food poverty,”  […]

Respite for Autism Caregivers

Posted on 21st May 2019, by
Elijah plays with stuffed toy at autism program
In Canada, more than a quarter of a million families are touched by autism spectrum disorders. The Salvation Army London Village Respite Program supports over 200 families; approximately 50 have a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Seven-year-old Elijah has attended the ASD program for over a year. It has been a huge relief for  […]