Salvation Army Snack Program Combats Hunger in Cape Breton Classrooms

Posted on 14th September 2020, by
bin of snacks including five alive, granola bars, raisins
School may look different this year, but hunger and bullying continue to be a reality for thousands of children. In Cape Breton, The Salvation Army’s ABC Snack Program is providing nutrition for children in need, without setting them apart in front of their peers. Each September, The Salvation Army provides a bin filled with snacks  […]
A.J. (left) Kimberely (right)
During these challenging times, The Salvation Army Thrift Store (National Recycling Operations) is helping struggling families get ready for the school year. “My children are ages nine and 11 and are very excited to go back to school,” says Carla. “They both have reading disabilities, yet I have watched them challenge themselves above and beyond.  […]

Pregnant and Alone

Posted on 27th August 2020, by
Prab and her baby girl
 Prab, 20, was studying in Canada when she discovered she was pregnant. Her husband resided in their home country of India and, due to COVID-19 restrictions, was unable to travel for the birth of their first child. “In 2019, I went home to India to be married,” says Prab. “A few months after I returned  […]

“So Everybody can Eat”

Posted on 25th August 2020, by
five-year-old Kennedy stands in front of trunk full of food from her food drive
The shelves at The Salvation Army’s food bank in Orillia, Ont., are now full thanks to the efforts of five-year-old Kennedy Hill. Kennedy would frequently hear her mother, Angie Green-Hill, who works in the family services department at The Salvation Army, talk about the struggles of trying to keep the food bank shelves stocked during  […]
“We knew we had to get creative this summer to ensure children still got to experience camp,
The Salvation Army in Saint John, N.B., has found a creative way to bring summer fun to underprivileged children in the midst of the pandemic—they’ve created a mobile camp. “We knew we had to get creative this summer to ensure children still got to experience camp,” says Major Tracy Goyak, community pastor. “We had received  […]

“Sonia’s Cradle” Program Helps Growing Families in British Columbia.

Posted on 13th August 2020, by
Salvation Army workers stand with items from Sonia's cradle program
In 2009, Sonia Nickle, a front-line worker at The Salvation Army’s Ridge Meadows Ministries in Maple Ridge, B.C., recognized a need for help within growing families in her community, so she set out to help. She began collecting donated items for babies and toddlers, such as clothing, diapers and formula to distribute to families in  […]

Supporting Vulnerable Communities During the Summer Months (WATCH)

Posted on 11th August 2020, by
Two Salvation Army employees hand out water out of an EDS truck during the summer
For many, summer is a wonderful time of the year filled with vacations and backyard get togethers. But for those living in poverty, summer is just another season of challenges and hopelessness. The Salvation Army recognizes that poverty doesn’t take a break and we invite you to watch this video to see how we are  […]
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