Spreading Joy in the Park

Posted on 8th January 2010, by Salvation Army
On December 24, 2009, a team of Salvation Army volunteers prepared the mobile cantine unit for a special Christmas Eve visit to the Émilie-Gamelin Park in the Centre-South area of Montreal. Well-known by the homeless, this annual activity organized in collaboration with “Un coeur pour les autres” (an organization offering help to the poor) offers  […]
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New Survey Says Teens More Moral, Less Religious

Posted on 6th January 2010, by Salvation Army
Teens are becoming more moral but less religious, according to a new study released by one of Canada’s most respected sociologists. The Emerging Millennials: How Canada’s Newest Generation is Responding to Change and Choice is the title of the latest book by Reginald Bibby, a sociologist with the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. It is  […]
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Salvation Army Centres Meet Increase in Demand for Services

Posted on 6th January 2010, by Salvation Army
The Christmas holidays typically bring a spike in the number of domestic disputes police respond to. There is more alcohol in the home, bills start coming in, there is increased stress and sometimes things turn violent. Most victims of abuse keep their families together during the holidays and leave after. As a result, Salvation Army  […]
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Home for the Holidays

Posted on 6th January 2010, by Salvation Army
Laurie Williamson presents a cheque to Captain David Allen in Mississauga, Ont. Over the past five years, he’s donated $50,000 to the Army The Salvation Army gives hope to thousands across the country each year, and I’m sure they get some strange requests. But I’m pretty certain that a tuba never made it to their  […]
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The Salvation Army 2009 Year in Review

Posted on 3rd January 2010, by Salvation Army
It was a difficult year for many in Canada. In 2009 hundreds of thousands of Canadians worried about their jobs and their savings. According to Stats Canada, “The Canadian economy lost a startling 129,000 jobs in January, almost all full-time positions and a record single-month total.”
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