On Tuesday, March 9, 2010, the W. Garfield Weston Foundation presented a donation of $1.5 million to The Salvation Army Homestead in Toronto, a residential recovery program for women who are struggling with substance abuse issues, for urgently needed building renovations. The donation from the Foundation will provide much needed infrastructure renovations in the heating,  […]
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Moncton doctor Haiti-bound on Behalf of The Salvation Army

Posted on 9th March 2010, by Salvation Army
It’s exactly eight weeks since a massive earthquake rocked Haiti Jan. 12, leaving an estimated 200,000 dead, a country in ruins, and untold injured and homeless. As time has gone on, the world’s eyes have turned to new problems, but the crisis in the tiny Caribbean nation continues and Metro Monctonians are still finding ways  […]
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Salvation Army-run Home Heating Program Meets Critical Needs

Posted on 9th March 2010, by Salvation Army
When temperatures plummet, many low-income families are forced to chose between buying groceries or paying for the energy bill. Since 1997 The Salvation Army-run Good Neighbours Energy Program in Nova Scotia has been helping individuals and families when they have nowhere else to turn.
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Salvation Army Supports Proposed Changes to Disbursement Quota

Posted on 5th March 2010, by Salvation Army
OTTAWA, March 5, 2010 – The proposed changes to the Disbursement Quota announced yesterday in the 2010 federal budget are widely supported by The Salvation Army. The removal of the quota will provide The Salvation Army; one of Canada’s largest charities, with increased flexibility in meeting the needs of Canadians during a time when more  […]
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Is Donor Fatigue Hurting the Chile Relief?

Posted on 4th March 2010, by Salvation Army
The 8.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated Chile comes on the heels of Haiti’s massive earthquake. Many Salvation Army centres report fewer phone calls are being received to support Chile’s tragedy, versus Haiti’s. Chile isn’t getting the same attention as Haiti. In the first 48 hours after both earthquakes 2,596 news articles were written about Haiti,  […]
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A 40′ container packed and sent on November 30 has arrived safely at The Salvation Army’s Howard Hospital in Zimbabwe. The Howard Hospital continues to be one of the only fully operational public hospitals in the country, providing medical services for 155,000 patient visits a year. The shipment took three months to arrive. The container  […]
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