Hunger Awareness Week

Posted on 8th May 2014, by Newfoundland and Labrador Division
This week, May 5-9 is Hunger Awareness Week in Canada.  Foodbanks Canada and its partners across Canada use this week to highlight the problem of hunger in the country.  Everyday across Canada The Salvation Army, through its local churches, community and social units, serves hungry Canadians.  Through feeding programs, cooking classes, food banks and other  […]
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Feeding Hungry Minds

Posted on 6th May 2014, by Newfoundland and Labrador Division
Every Tuesday students from Booth Memorial and Bishops College schools are invited to a free lunch hosted by The Salvation Army. St. John’s Citadel is located close by to the two schools and hosts lunches organized by The Salvation Army Community and Family Services. On April 29, staff from Target Canada joined regular staff and  […]
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Ready to Mobilize

Posted on 10th April 2014, by Newfoundland and Labrador Division
The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) is made up of volunteers, staff and officers who are prepared to serve in communities impacted by disasters and in other situations.  Preparation for service includes registration, training and practice to ensure that the Salvation Army’s response is coordinated and competent in meeting the needs of communities and  […]
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The Global Slave Trade in Newfoundland

Posted on 19th February 2014, by Newfoundland and Labrador Division
Human trafficking is a global problem that has local implications for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.  The Salvation Army is active around the world on this issue and is honoured to share information about an upcoming event that aims to “educate and inform the community about Human Trafficking and the partnerships essential to address  […]
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Thank You for Your Support

Posted on 23rd January 2014, by Newfoundland and Labrador Division
Once again the generosity of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians was expressed through their support of The Salvation Army over the Christmas season.  The support shown by members of our communities contributes to the ongoing work of The Salvation Army to promote dignity and hope for all. The fundraising goal for our annual Christmas Kettle Campaign was  […]
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