The Salvation Army in Saint John, New Brunswick, has partnered with Outflow, Saint John’s Men’s Homeless Shelter, to provide meals for residents using the emergency disaster services vehicle.  “We feed between 75 and 100 people each night,” says Major Tracy Goyak, community pastor.  From Sunday through Thursday evenings, shelter residents line up six feet apart  […]

Senior Food Delivery Program Expanded to Help Those in Need

Posted on 13th April 2020, by Maritime
In June of 2019, The Salvation Army in Fredericton launched Operation Senior Food Box Delivery – a program to bring groceries to seniors and help combat their loneliness with a visit. Little did they know this thoughtful program would have to quickly expand to help those impacted by COVID-19. “We’re delivering food to anyone who  […]

A Humble Moment Turned Into Hope

Posted on 10th April 2020, by Maritime
When Dave volunteered to hang a sign in downtown Halifax, he didn’t realize the words of a lady experiencing homelessness would give him a newfound appreciation for the blessings in his life. “As I was hanging the sign, I noticed her on the sidewalk settling into a homemade shelter of blankets and boxes,” says Dave.  […]

Drive-Up Food Bank Helps Safely Meet Community Needs

Posted on 9th April 2020, by Maritime
With social distancing and safety as our top priorities, The Salvation Army is working to come up with unique ways to meet the ever going needs of the communities we serve. In Cape Breton, family services coordinator, Nicole Maclean, found a creative way to keep their community food bank operating in Sydney – a drive  […]

Letters to Maritime Premiers

Posted on 1st April 2020, by Maritime
On behalf of vulnerable people and those experiencing homelessness in the Maritimes, our Divisional Leader has written to the Premiers of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.  In the letters, Major Budgell commends the Premiers on their strong leadership and their dedicated support, as well as our organization’s commitment to following the health  […]

Divisional Leaders to Hold Online Prayer in Midst of COVID-19

Posted on 29th March 2020, by Maritime
Divisional leaders, Majors Wade and Linda Budgell, will be holding an online prayer on Sunday, March 29 from 7 – 8 pm (AST) to connect with those who are social distancing or in isolation. “Although we may be isolated, connections are more important than ever,” says Major Linda, who is acting as an emotional and  […]
While many Canadians are social distancing and safely self-isolated in their homes, others are simply unable to take these necessary precautions to protect themselves, especially those experiencing homelessness. In Halifax, The Salvation Army is collaborating with other local nonprofits to ensure there is a safe place for everyone by assisting with newly established pop-up shelters.   […]