Building community one conversation at a time

Posted on 16th June 2017, by Maritime
Building community one conversation at a time
The Spryfield Community Church was filled with much conversation and laughter during the first weekly English Café. In café style, The Salvation Army is bringing peer leaders, generous volunteers and those who have recently immigrated to Nova Scotia together to learn more English and connect with one another. A theme will guide each week as participants  […]
Just over eight years ago after retiring from occupational therapy, Sheila was looking for meaningful volunteer opportunities that would be inclusive and accessible to all. With a passion for sewing, strong organizational skills and a background in adult education, Sheila decided to pitch the idea of creating a Sewing Club to The Salvation Army. “The  […]

Sewing and Socializing for People and Purpose

Posted on 1st June 2017, by Maritime
New creations are being made every Monday morning at the Spryfield Community Church & Family Resource Centre. As community members sew many items and work on projects for a number of causes, they also build social connections and confidence by working together and learning from one another. Started by Sheila Banks eight years ago with  […]
Paralympian and sailing world champion, Paul Tingley, took the stage at the sixth annual Hope in the City Leadership Breakfast. The event brought together over 300 of Halifax’s community and business leaders to the Westin Nova Scotian in support of the programs and services offered by The Salvation Army. Sailing since he was ten years  […]

Cooking Together in Style and on a Budget

Posted on 18th May 2017, by Maritime
The sweet aroma of food being prepared at Dartmouth’s Community and Family Services through the Cook with a Budget program can be experienced year round on the third Wednesday of each month. Linda Santoloce was inspired by a friend to approach The Salvation Army to start this program. Linda says, “Food is my background; I  […]

Salvation Army is at home in Crescent Valley, Saint John

Posted on 15th May 2017, by Maritime
When Captains Darren and Danette Woods arrived in Saint John last summer, they were struck by the large number of kids living in the Crescent Valley community. Crescent Valley hosts a significant population of newcomers and their families, and is considered to be a priority neighbourhood for new and on-going social programs. Knowing they were in a position to  […]

Preparing to “Mobilize” in a disaster

Posted on 1st May 2017, by Maritime
May 7 to 13 marks Public Safety Canada's Emergency Preparedness Week. For 100 years, The Salvation Army has been providing relief in disasters and responding to the needs of survivors and first responders. Being prepared to take action on a moment's notice, or Mobilize, was the theme of this year's training conference for The Salvation Army's Emergency Disaster  […]

H20, a vital source

Posted on 21st April 2017, by Maritime
“Asking for Help is a sign of strength,” Marie MacDonald Since 2011, the H20 Water Fund has been helping families and individuals across Halifax with an up to $250 reduction in their water bills. Marie MacDonald shares that her water would have been cut off without support from the Fund this winter. “Working full time  […]

S.O.U.P for Easter

Posted on 20th April 2017, by Maritime
Over the Easter weekend, The Salvation Army in Kentville was hopping with activities that were enjoyed by more than 100 kids across the community. "We were excited to host our third annual Easter Egg Hunt with eager youth volunteers playing a vital role in its success," say Captain Josh Downer. "Each year, we learn more about  […]