Are you ready for a possible emergency?

Posted on 13th May 2019, by Maritime
When our Community Response Unit (CRU) arrived back from supporting flood relief efforts in both Fredericton and Saint John, New Brunswick, we took it for a visit to William King Elementary School in Herring Cove. Emergency Disaster Services Coordinator, Jan Keats took the Excel Program children on a tour of the CRU and shared the  […]

Transitioning from Substance Use to Restored Lives

Posted on 2nd May 2019, by Maritime
The Anchorage Recovery program at the Centre of Hope in Halifax supports several men each year as they move through substance use treatment towards a restored life. A transition ceremony held on April 25th saw two individuals complete the program. During the transition ceremony, Gordon and Larry were celebrated as they transition through this ongoing  […]

She Has Her Boy Back!

Posted on 18th April 2019, by Maritime
Living on the streets of Ottawa, emotionally wounded, battling substance and prescription medication abuse, and weighing only 135 pounds, Corey found hope through reconnecting with his Mom and a history of support from The Salvation Army. Shortly after picking Corey up at the bus station this past Christmas Eve, Corey’s Mom, Louise Armstrong who works  […]
Beaming with pride, joy and happiness, Chris Pilkington who is a dedicated volunteer, shares his story from the Food Room at The Salvation Army’s Centre of Hope in Halifax. The year 2012 marked a turning point for Chris when he was led to The Salvation Army by his nephew. After receiving much needed support and  […]
Imagine not receiving any government benefits for years because filing your taxes feels out of reach. Sadly, this is the case for many Maritimers living on a low or fixed-income. To ease this burden, many of our Salvation Army locations offer complimentary tax preparation clinics to help improve the lives of families and individuals who  […]

The Value of Volunteering

Posted on 31st March 2019, by Maritime
Have you experienced the joy of volunteering in your community? We celebrate the significant contributions made by our many volunteers daily, not just during the month of April. We recognize that we wouldn’t be able to deliver the many services and programs we offer across the Maritimes without them. For over 100 years, we’ve counted  […]

Your Gift Can Create a Legacy

Posted on 25th March 2019, by Maritime
Leave a Memory Choosing to leave a gift from the heart brings meaning, dignity and purpose to a life well lived. Your gift is your opportunity to participate in the charitable and community work most meaningful to you, in a way that allows these important causes to be well supported now, and long after you’re  […]

English café opens doors for newcomers

Posted on 21st February 2019, by Maritime
English Cafe
The atmosphere at the English café is a happy one, as women and their young children hustle in from the cold, grabbing a coffee as they get settled. Talking and laughter are so commonplace around the table, that you would assume it’s always been like this for these women.  This, however, is not the case,  […]

Offering hope in the trenches

Posted on 7th February 2019, by Maritime
two men sit drinking coffee
Kath Stewart, 93, has a personal connection to war and the service and sacrifices made. Kath shares her vivid memories of extreme personal hardship and how The Salvation Army was present to comfort and help maintain military morale. “It’s not easy to go through war,” says Kath. “You go to school and see empty desks,  […]

Home heating program opens for 2019

Posted on 18th January 2019, by Maritime
A group of people standing in the front of a rom
The Good Neighbour Energy Fund is available again this winter to provide financial assistance to low income Nova Scotians needing help with emergency home heating. The Fund is possible through a partnership between government, Nova Scotia Power and the Salvation Army. “As the days get colder, people facing financial difficulty are forced to make tough  […]