Back-to-School with a Drive Thru

Posted on 17th September 2020, by Maritime
From grocery store lineups to the mandated wearing of masks and gloves, the pandemic has initiated new practices within our communities. Considering these stringent protocols, The Salvation Army Dartmouth Community Church held their annual Back to School Campaign in their parking lot—drive through style. “Regardless of the changes, we are learning to adapt so that  […]

Four-Year-Old Fundraiser Steps Up for Community

Posted on 17th September 2020, by Maritime
From dropping change into a Christmas kettle to donating used clothes to a thrift store, each Maritimer has a different way they show their support for The Salvation Army. Harold Kwan of Moncton likes to show his support by taking part in fundraising events. The only difference – he’s just four years old. Sharing and  […]

Helping a Single Mom Get Back on her Feet

Posted on 15th September 2020, by Maritime
Recently separated from her spouse, Jodi and her teenage son embarked on a new life on their own. Challenges came, and were escalated, until it became apparent she needed to reach out for support. That’s when she turned to The Salvation Army in Dartmouth. “The food support was an amazing help” “I found myself single  […]
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ABC Snack Program Combats Hunger in Cape Breton Classrooms

Posted on 8th September 2020, by Maritime
School may look different this year, but hunger and bullying is still a reality for thousands of children. In Cape Breton, The Salvation Army’s ABC Snack Program is providing nutrition for children in need, without singling them out in front of their peers. Children who experience hunger are often unable to focus and are distracted  […]
Note: all COVID-19 health and safety guidelines were upheld during this gathering. While the pandemic may have prevented typical gatherings, the ladies at The Salvation Army Fredericton Church still found a way to safely connect – backyard style. “Eleven of our women’s fellowship ladies met for the first time since COVID-19 for an outdoor lemonade  […]

How to Prepare for an Emergency in 2020

Posted on 24th August 2020, by Maritime
Emergencies and natural disasters occur quickly and often without warning. As hurricane season approaches in the Maritimes, The Salvation Army is working to ensure everyone is prepared when disaster strikes. In 2019, Hurricane Dorian wreaked havoc across our region, particularly Nova Scotia. The storm caused trees to be uprooted, extensive roof damage, power outages and  […]

From Surviving to Thriving – Lucas’ Story

Posted on 24th August 2020, by Maritime
When Lucas turned to The Salvation Army Bedford Macdonald House, he was simply looking for a place to stay. But what he found was the support and compassion he needed to recover from his addiction, build a new life, and reconnect with his young son. “I always seemed to fall into the same hole of  […]
This year, Salvation Army’s Scotian Glen camp was unable to open due to COVID-19, but that hasn’t stopped the team from finding creative ways to bring the fun of camp to families at home. One in particular has quickly become a favourite, and that’s Camp-in-a-Box. “It’s a box filled with fun”, says Major Carson Decker,  […]