Sussex Cycles: Salvation Army Provides Bicycles to Children in Need

by Maritime
Categories: 2021, News Archive

For many, riding a bicycle is an essential part of childhood – but for families in need, this added expense may not be possible. The Salvation Army in Sussex has come together with community partners to create a recycle-a-bike program to ensure all children have access to this opportunity.

“It’s a community effort,” explains Captain Monika Gillard. “Everyone is coming together to help.”

Members of the community are asked to donate used bikes to the program that are then repaired by Outdoor Elements. Helmets are donated by Canadian Tire, and the cost of parts are covered by a generous donation from Kiwanis. The Salvation Army is working with the families in need.

“When a family shows up with their kid to pick-up the second-hand bike, everything is ready for them – the bike is fixed as good as new, there is a helmet, there are no costs. They’re ready to go.”

The Salvation Army works to provide programs and services for individuals and families in need in the Sussex area. While this is the first year of the program, Monika sees it growing in the years to come.

“We started with six families this year, which is a total of ten bikes,” she explains. “There are so many opportunities for this program to grow and make a difference in the lives of these children.”