Free Washer and Dryers Meet Needs at Salvation Army in Moncton

by Maritime
Categories: 2021, News Archive

Having clean clothing is a basic necessity of life that many take for granted. For those who are experiencing homelessness or low-income, paying to wash clothing at a laundromat may not be an option. That’s why The Salvation Army in Moncton offers free washers and dryers to the community.

“It is one of the most important programs we offer,” explains Natasha Burkett, director. “No one thinks about how people experiencing homelessness wash their clothes.”

The initiative began in 2010 when a person approached The Salvation Army community family services in Moncton asking if they had laundry facilities. The person explained that they had been living in their car for months. Without a fixed address, they weren’t able to receive income assistance. They had been interviewed for jobs, but showing up in dirty clothes made it difficult.

I had never really thought about people needing to wash their clothes,” she explains. “Between feeding programs and clothing vouchers and even the free showers we can refer our folks too, I never thought about the clothes they were wearing – even having to put those dirty ones they had back on after a clean shower.”

This led to the purchase of two-sets of washers and dryers. Clients can book a time to come in and use the machines from Monday to Friday. The Salvation Army provides laundry detergent, fabric softener and a clean change of clothes to wear while their laundry is in the wash.

Making the soap available and even providing a loan of a clean change of clothes is a huge piece for those who literally come in to wash the clothes on their back,” says Natasha. “For families, it means not having to choose between washing their clothes and washing their bed sheets. 

The Salvation Army in Moncton offers a wide-range of community initiatives including a feeding program, an emergency food bank, youth programs, seniors activities, Christmas assistance, Pathway of Hope and more. You can support their work by donating online or by calling 902-455-1201.