Thrift Store Employees Step-Up to Help with Increased Food Bank Demand in Truro

by Maritime
Categories: 2021, News Archive

When the lockdown forced The Salvation Army to close thrift stores across the Maritimes, employees from our Truro location began lending a helping hand to meet the increase in food bank demand.

“We see the need for food and delivery increase every day,” explains Lt. Matt Reid. “Our thrift store employees are just the extra help we needed during this busy time.”

“We needed the extra help”

The Salvation Army in Truro operates an emergency food bank along with a thrift store and various community programs. Since the pandemic began, they have been providing food support for 10-15 families each week. 

“We have five dedicated volunteers who package the food each week, but this time when we went to lockdown we needed the extra help so we brought in our thrift store employees.”

With the additional support, the team was able to add an additional food bank day as well as offer delivery. They also began using reusable bags from the thrift store to package food, helping to restore dignity to the clients they serve.

“We ensure our employees and volunteers are trained in different areas,” he explains. “So when we were forced to close our thrift store, the employees quickly transitioned to preparing and delivering food to help meet the increase in demand.”

“They are honoured to serve their community”

The thrift store employees, who continue to be paid for their time, are more than happy to help.

“Our thrift store employees are compassionate about the work they do. Whether it’s sorting clothing or greeting clients at our food bank, they are honoured to serve their community and we are grateful for their willingness to help.”