Single Mom Gives Back After Getting Back on her Feet

by Maritime
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Recently separated from her spouse, Jodi and her teenage son embarked on a new life on their own. Challenges came, and were escalated, until it became apparent she needed to reach out for support. That’s when she turned to The Salvation Army in Dartmouth.

“The food support was an amazing help”

“I found myself single with a son who is suffering from mental health issues,” Jodi says. “A friend of mine suggested getting help from the food bank.”

Although her son was in his late teens, his struggles with mental health meant extra care was needed in the home. There were many challenging days, but Jodi and her son learned to adapt to the new lifestyle. Jodi was able to continue her full-time employment under the new circumstances, but it wasn’t enough to sustain their new way of life financially.

“The food support was an amazing help,” says Jodi. “I received a food box as well as frozen meats, and even a coupon for a free pizza. I was informed about their Christmas Program, so I registered for both food, and gift support for my son.”

“I am now paying it forward”

Now, Jodi and her son have learned to live comfortably. Grateful for the support she’d received from The Salvation Army, she wanted to do something to help others who may find themselves in a similar predicament. Each Christmas, Jodi donates bags of non-perishable food to The Salvation Army.

Jodi realizes the need for those who may be struggling to get food. Today, she does as much as she can to give back, with the goal of doing even more to help others.

“I am now paying it forward by helping The Salvation Army deliver boxes to those in need. Many people can’t get to the food bank due to COVID-19 or just any other reason, so I want to help,” Jodi says. “As a parent, I understand how it feels not being able to do what you want to give your children the best life possible.” 

By: Jan Keats