Providing Life-Changing Support Through a Life-Altering Pandemic

by Maritime
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One year ago today the world changed as we know it. Many Maritimers were faced with job loss, financial concerns and no idea where their next meal was coming from. So, The Salvation Army stepped – providing feeding programs, food bank delivery and shelter services to thousands of people in need.

Salvation Army Assists with Pop-up Shelters in Halifax

While many Canadians are safely self-isolated in their homes, others are simply unable to take these necessary precautions to protect themselves, especially those experiencing homelessness. In Halifax, The Salvation Army collaborated with other local nonprofits to ensure there is a safe place for everyone by assisting with newly established pop-up shelters.

“Everyone is coming together to help, with each group utilizing their strongest resources. Collaborating will ensure needs are met and keep the pop-up shelters open as long as they have to be.”

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Senior Food Delivery Program Expanded to Help Those in Need in New Brunswick

In June of 2019, The Salvation Army in Fredericton launched Operation Senior Food Box Delivery – a program to bring groceries to seniors and help combat their loneliness with a visit. Little did they know this thoughtful program would have to quickly expand to help those impacted by COVID-19.

“We’re delivering food to anyone who needs it right now. Our deliveries have gone up four times.”

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Salvation Army Distributes 150,000 lbs of Potatoes across the Maritimes

Filling weekly food bank orders at The Salvation Army was a little easier thanks to a generous donation of 150,000 lbs of potatoes from McCain Foods.

“We still can’t believe our eyes. We are so grateful for their generosity.”

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Community Garden Creates Welcoming Space in Fredericton

The Salvation Army community garden is doing more than just boosting food security – it’s become a welcoming space for people of all skills and abilities.

“The garden has been laid out in such a way that people of all abilities can take part. We have raised beds to make it easy for seniors to reach the plants, plenty of space for those in wheelchairs and many more accommodating features.”

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School Supplies Distributed Drive-Thru Style in Dartmouth

The pandemic has initiated new practices within our communities. Considering these stringent protocols, The Salvation Army Dartmouth Community Church held their annual Back to School Campaign in their parking lot—drive through style.

“Regardless of the changes, we are learning to adapt so that our programs still run relatively normally. We are grateful for the volunteers that came out to support the event helping with the distribution and manning the stations.”

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Salvation Army Lends Kettles to Legion in Pictou

The Salvation Army works to meet the needs of each community we serve. Sometimes this means opening a food bank, other times it means offering shelter, but this year in Pictou it meant lending our iconic kettles to the local Legion to assist with their Poppy Campaign.

“This is the first request we’ve had of this kind, but we knew they were in need and we wanted to help.”

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Salvation Army Distributes 900 Care Packages to Boost Community Spirit in Halifax

The Salvation Army is showing what it means to truly care for one another. For the past six weeks, they have been distributing care packages to vulnerable groups, such as university students and single parents, showing support for their community during a difficult time.

“The idea came when my wife and I were driving home one night. We were driving in our community thinking about how deeply we care for these different groups around us. So we came up with this as a way to show it.”

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Christmas Hamper Relieves Stress for Maritime Mom

Christmas is the most joyful time of the year. But for many Maritimers, the added financial pressure of the holiday season can be overwhelming and stressful. For Dartmouth mom, Donna, providing for her five children at home isn’t an easy task.

“I work and work to try and support my kids, but sometimes you need to ask for help.”

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