Salvation Army Leaps into Action to Help Fire Victims in Midst of the Pandemic

by Maritime
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Who would have thought that the need for a community to come together would be amid a pandemic? Terry and Carol Adams didn’t expect to see their house in flames, but their circumstances necessitated immediate action.

The fire seemed to be insignificant at first, but it became apparent that a power outage occurred in their home which was the result of a blown transformer. “Since the power was out, we decided to go to a local coffee shop and wait it out,” recalls Carol. “Upon return, the house was engulfed in flames.”

In moments, everything was lost—In moments the community pulled together. 

“We quickly realized that we did not have any clothing and there was no access to a clothing store in our area, so I called The Salvation Army in Dartmouth,” Carols says. “We were given assistance from a thrift store so we could acquire clothing. Later, we visited The Salvation Army for food support which included a weeks’ worth of groceries to get us by.”

The community also pulled together and offered to help. “Gratefully, my sister lives in the same community of East Chezzecook and invited us to stay there. My daughter set up a Go Fund Me page and it wasn’t long before monetary donations came,” Carol says. “We received support from one end of the country to the other.”

The family were receiving support daily. From envelopes stuffed with money, to dishes, linens, paintings and lamps. “All kinds of goods were delivered at our doorstep including gift cards from grocery stores, restaurants, and hardware stores,” Carol commented. “This is what I call community kindness.”

COVID-19 didn’t prevent people from offering support. “Whoever came to our door was wearing a mask and kept their distance. Canadians listened and accepted protocol measures,” Carol concluded. “We are so grateful for the overwhelming support we have received during this difficult time, people in our community, the local businesses, and The Salvation Army.”


By: Jan Keats