Salvation Army Distributes 900 Care Packages to Boost Community Spirit

by Maritime
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The Salvation Army in Fairview is showing what it means to truly care for one another. For the past six weeks, they have been distributing care packages to vulnerable groups, such as university students and single parents, showing support for their community during a difficult time.

“The idea came when my wife and I were driving home one night,” explains Captain Brent Haas, co-leader of The Salvation Army in Fairview. “We were driving in our community thinking about how deeply we care for these different groups around us. So we came up with this as a way to show it.”

“So many people need our support”

With the help of volunteers, they created, packed and distributed different care packages for each vulnerable group they identified in their community. Using social media, they promoted the initiative and encouraged anyone in need to drop by and pick-up a package. 

“We had care packages for people experiencing homelessness, university students, people who have lost employment because of COVID, and everyone in between. So many people need our support but are just too scared to ask. With the care packages they really don’t have to.”

Soon, they had given out more than 300 care packages to the community and another 600 to children and youth. “It didn’t happen overnight, but it happened quickly,” Brent explains. 

“We truly care about our community”

Each care package was unique to the group they served. For example, a package for those who lost employment includes some items for individuals to enjoy a self-care day and some special treats for themselves and even a $50 grocery gift card.

“We know so many people are struggling, especially with Christmas coming up,” he explains. “Everyone who received one was so grateful.”

The care packages are just one endeavour in their ‘Be the Church, Be a Neighbour’ Fall focus. They have also hosted a drive-thru community meal and drive-thru trick-or-treat night. Both events served more than 300 people in need. 

“We truly care about our community and we hope these initiatives show how much we do.”

You can support The Salvation Army this holiday season by donating online.


By: Angela Rafuse