Salvation Army Lends Kettles to Legion for Poppy Campaign

by Maritime
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The Salvation Army works to meet the needs of each community we serve. Sometimes this means opening a food bank, other times it means offering shelter, but this year in Pictou it meant lending our iconic kettles to the local Legion to assist with their Poppy Campaign.

“This is the first request we’ve had of this kind,” says Major Daniel Roode, Leader of The Salvation Army in Pictou County. “But we knew they were in need and we wanted to help.”

In October, Janice Watters, past president of Legion Branch 16, knew they were facing a challenge of how to collect funds for the Poppy Campaign at unmanned locations. That’s when she remembered the kettles and decided to contact The Salvation Army

“We knew we had strict rules to follow this year with some locations not allowing us to have a volunteer in the store,” Watters explains. “So we came up with the idea to contact The Salvation Army to see if we could borrow the kettles.”

“I don’t know what we would have done without The Salvation Army”

With The Salvation Army’s annual kettle campaign beginning November 16, 2020, Major Roode was all too familiar with the challenges that they are facing this year around social distancing and unmanned displays. “We know the challenges ahead of all of us this year and if we can do something to help another community group, that’s what we are going to do,” Major Roode explains.

The kettles were used at two locations in the community – Sobeys and the NSLC. The President of Legion Branch 16, Mike Murdock, is grateful for The Salvation Army’s support. 

“The kettles are vital to the success of our campaign this year,” says Murdock. “I don’t know what we would have done without help from The Salvation Army.”

“I’m glad we can help each other”

To show their appreciation, Legion members will be volunteering at the kettles as bell ringers. “Our members volunteer every year with the kettles,” explains Murdock. “We will certainly be there to help after this.”

By working together, The Salvation Army and Legion Branch 16 can continue to raise vital funds to help the Pictou community during this difficult time. 

“We are glad to help another partner agency in a time of need,” says Major Roode. “We have a long-standing relationship of good will and service with the Legion. I’m glad we can help each other.” 


By: Angela Rafuse