75 Years of Supporting The Salvation Army

by Maritime
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From ringing a bell at a Salvation Army iconic Christmas kettle to helping at fundraising events, ninety-year-old Robert Aulenback has been a faithful Salvation Army volunteer for more than 75 years.

From the time he was young, Robert has attended Salvation Army Sunday School and has always been involved in the church in various ways since then. Having been engaged with the functions in the church and in the community of Bridgewater, N.S., Robert was always willing to volunteer his time. Whenever there was an event at the church, he always went ahead to make any necessary preparations.

One of his favourite roles within The Salvation Army was volunteering with kettle duty at Christmastime. His favourite location was at the Bridgewater Superstore where he would be situated faithfully. So many people knew Robert personally and would often wait for him to show up before they would place their donations in the kettle. 

“If he was a little tardy there’d be a line up waiting, otherwise they would not place any money in the kettle; they wanted to see my Dad,” explains Robert’s daughter, Susan. “Since the patrons knew he’d be arriving they waited and would not place any donations until he arrived.”

Recently, Robert celebrated his 90th birthday with his family present. Although he is now unable to attend church, he remains the oldest church member. From a Sunday school student, to flag sergeant, to kettle shifts, he has a wealth of memories to which he holds dearly as well as those who were impacted along his journey.

If you are interested in becoming a Salvation Army volunteer this Christmas, you can apply online

By: Jan Keats