Four-Year-Old Fundraiser Steps Up for Community

by Maritime
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From dropping change into a Christmas kettle to donating used clothes to a thrift store, each Maritimer has a different way they show their support for The Salvation Army. Harold Kwan of Moncton likes to show his support by taking part in fundraising events. The only difference – he’s just four years old.

Sharing and Helping Others

Harold attends The Salvation Army Small Blessings Daycare in Moncton, along with his one-year-old sister, Matilda. Their parents, Steven and Daphne, have been using fundraising events and volunteer opportunities, such as Salvation Army’s iconic Christmas kettles, to teach their children at an early age to be community-minded and the importance of helping others.

“Harold likes to run and try to win the prize as top fundraiser,” explains Steven Kwan. “He is four, so we’re trying to teach the importance of sharing and helping others.” 

This summer, Harold and Steven took part in ICE 2 Run – a virtual run that raises funds for The Salvation Army in Moncton. With the help of friends and family, the pair raised more than $200, which earned them a prize for top fundraiser.

“I asked my friends and family for donations, so I could win top fundraiser and help others” says Harold. “I got an archery set and treats, then gave the gift basket treats to people that donated, but I ate the marshmallow candy.”

“We like The Salvation Army”

To date, Harold has taken part in two fundraisers – The Salvation Army’s ICE 2 Run and Santa Shuffle, with his dad trying to keep up. Next up, the 2020 virtual Santa Shuffle.

“I’m gonna be a reindeer and I want to run faster than my dad,” says Harold. “We like The Salvation Army.”

The Salvation Army relies on events to raise much-needed funds to support community programs and services. All funds raised go back into the community they were raised in, providing life-changing support for those who need it the most. Learn more about our events.


By: Angela Rafuse